Serene? Coatings


Surmodics Serene? lubricious coatings stand out from the others. Serene coatings deliver low friction in a low particulate platform—a technology breakthrough and industry first. New Serene Single-Coat (SC) solutions provide excellent lubricity and low particulates through a one-coat UV curing process.

Serene coatings can be applied to a broad variety of substrates to achieve optimal performance for devices used in the following clinical areas:

  • Coronary

    Reduce friction and improve device pushability and trackability through tortuous anatomy, and crossability of coronary lesions.

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  • Peripheral

    Easily coat differing device diameters and lengths for optimal navigability in long, diffused, diseased vessels.

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  • Neurovascular

    Rely on low friction coatings to negotiate small, tortuous neurovascular pathways where pushability is limited.

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  • Structural Heart

    Effectively manage the device deliverability and repositioning requirements specific to structural heart procedures.

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Innovators of surface modification technologies for 35 years, Surmodics offers the experience and support necessary to quickly advance your product to market. To begin an evaluation, contact us today.

Coat your devices with confidence—Surmodics Serene coatings.