Balloon Catheter Platforms

Surmodics balloon catheter platforms

Surmodics has complete capabilities for design, development and manufacturing of highly differentiated balloon catheters. We offer a broad range of sizes for a variety of clinical applications. With the complete suite of in-house capabilities at our state-of-the art facility in Ballinasloe, Ireland, Surmodics controls every step of the process to produce high-quality, reliable balloon catheters under rigorous testing. Among them are the highest-pressure conventional balloons and the most deliverable catheters on the market.

Surmodics balloon catheters
An unmatched range of sizes and pressures

.014” and .018” Low-profile PTA Balloon Dilation Catheter

Delivering best-in-class tracking and crossing performance

  • Proprietary next-generation Serene? hydrophilic coatings with unmatched lubricity and low particulates
  • Advanced balloon pleat & fold processing for ultra-low profile crossing profiles
  • Laser-formed tipping & bonding produces snug-to-wire lesion entry and smooth transitions
  • Coaxial shaft delivers more push than market leaders to cross tight distal lesions
Balloon-catheter Image

.035” Low-profile PTA Balloon Dilation Catheter

Unmatched low profile

  • 5Fr sheath compatibility through 8mm balloon diameters

Exceptional delivery in challenging vascular anatomy

  • Hydrophilic coating for smooth tracking and crossability


Balloon-catheter Image

.035” High-pressure Large-diameter PTA Balloon Dilation Catheter

The answer for resistant large-vessel lesions

  • High-pressure, rapid-deflate, short tip

Vessel-friendly catheter delivers and treats with ease

  • Catheter and balloon flexibility tracks with ease
  • Balloon conformability to vessel curvature reduces straightening


Balloon-catheter Image

.035” Large Lumen Molding Balloon Dilation Catheter

The workhorse solution...

  • Durable compliant balloon designed to tackle multiple dilation needs
  • Rapid inflate/deflate speeds procedure time and quickly restores flow
  • Flexible catheter tracks anatomy with ease
  • One device designed for stent grafts from 10mm to 45mm diameters
  • Low profile – 12Fr sheath compatible

...for successful stent graft deployments

  • Achieving vessel/wall apposition to secure and seal stent grafts
  • Compliant balloon material designed to smooth entire graft


Balloon-catheter Image

.035” High-pressure PTA Balloon Dilation Catheter

Combining high pressure with flexibility and deliverability

  • The highest rated burst pressure conventional balloon on the market
  • 27 atm to 18 atm (3mm – 12mm diameter)
  • Flexible catheter and conformable balloon ideally suited for tight fistulae

Proven performance in AV fistulae

  • Effectively dilates over 95% of all resistant venous lesions
Balloon-catheter Image